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Harold is often invited to speak at conferences where he shares his knowledge of improvisation, mentorship, collaboration, and the creative process. Pixar, McKinsey, Fortune, C2:Montreal, Forbes, The World Economic Forum, Time Inc, and The 92Y are just some of the global platforms Harold has shared his process with.














Harold O’Neal has the charmed life of a lauded musician, composer, actor and busy speaker focusing on the creative process.”




Improvisational musicians see the world in constant flux -- through a lens of endless possibility. Disrupting the status quo and prizing innovation. This notion is key to the creative process. And spontaneous composition is what’s needed to make change; great change. With our joint efforts, we can have the future that we want -- one that benefits every living being.


“Harold O’Neal captivates the room with his immense talents and gravitational presence. I invited Harold for a social impact event I produced at Google, and Harold set the tone marvelously. With the room's energy in harmony, we were able to dig deeper with meaningful content. Kudos to Harold!”

ALEX ABELIN, External Affairs Manager, Google



When Harold speaks on the creative process, he reveals a universal musical language; guiding you through every step, leaving you with an experience that can only bring transformation. He shows as well as tells, tickling the ivories for you in a truly unique engagement.





Harold speaks expertly on a variety of subjects such as Mentorship, Improvisation in Communication, Change And Disruption, Creative Storytelling, and Collaborating With Others. Harold always customizes his presentations for every audience’s themes, topics, issues, and industry. Here is a preview of some of his most popular:


Leadership: The Mentor And Apprentice


The story of human connection is a profound and crucial aspect of our life's journey. The same can be said of the relationship between the teacher and the student. The mentor and apprentice. Each are a gift to the other's life. The dynamic of this relationship is as fragile as it is beautiful -- and needs to be nourished and cared for. Often with self-care, too. Whether we are the teacher or the student, it is not a perfect road. How do we know we are going in the right direction? How do we handle certain transitions? How do we receive the gifts? Join Harold in this journey of sharing stories of leadership. Through which deeper layers of connection and learning will be revealed.

Take Aways:

  • Revelations of the gifts through the dynamic connection.

  • A new sense of peerage between the mentor and apprentice.

  • Communication skills to deepen the level of intimacy in the relationship.

Once Upon A Time   


How many people have ever wanted to compose a song, but have not taken the leap?  Some say music is as natural and essential to our existence as water, but how deep does that really go? Is it something that we can learn to create? Is it something that people are just born with, or is it both?


Working with Harold, you will find the answers to these questions and more. Through his mastery of the creative process, he will help you unearth and discover what is already locked inside you. With his methods and techniques, he will reveal a great composer -- you.


Take Aways:

  • A connection to your story in song.

  • A connection to your team and clients' story.

  • A song written and composed by YOU.





Insight In Discipline


The path to mastery is a lone journey spanning decades of committed effort and work. What is the path like? What are the insights learned along the way? What is it like to actually devote thousands upon thousands of hours into one highly developed skill?  What happens when you apply this to multiple disciplines? How can these insights affect our lives and the people around us?

With over 30 years of experience, Harold shares his experience of becoming a master concert pianist. With him, you will discover the key to unlock the path to mastery within yourself.


Take Aways:

  • A glimpse into the insights of mastery.

  • A connection to the internal process of self-awareness through discipline.

  • Have an understanding of the meaning of “practice makes perfect”, and how to apply it.


Harold O'Neal: TEDxMontreal

Harold O'Neal: 92Y's 7 Days Of Genius

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